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“I so appreciate the color added to my black and white reading of the scripture. I can't wait to dig in. I hope I don't become obnoxious or arrogant with all my newfound wisdom and knowledge!

I really appreciated our guide. What a find, keep him around! His knowledge was fascinating, his sense of humor really fun, and his spirituality genuine.

Thank you Patti for your warm hospitality; Rick, thanks for your heart and your devotions, and thank you both for being real.”   – Jim

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“Daily schedules were well thought out and planned, and communicated to all. Impromptu devotionals at various sites really brought into focus what each of us were experiencing, they grasped the moment and significance of it all.”  

– Dan

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“This trip is a must see for every believer!!!!  Experiencing this gives life to my faith!  Thank you for all you did to make this happen.”  – Diane

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“My trip to Israel with Rick and Patti was everything I hoped for and more; to walk where Jesus walked, talked, lived, loved, and taught—can you say a trip of a lifetime? It truly was for me in every way.  The guide they chose was extremely knowledgeable, as well as funny! We stayed in beautiful and unique places that had excellent food buffets. We got to see, do, and learn so much—from educational to adventurous, to a new culture and to seeing the Bible come alive. I saw everything I hoped to see!

At each of our destinations Rick and Patti ensured that our experience made us feel as if we were the only ones there. Rick and Patti were amazing in every way—from Patti planning our itinerary and wonderful accommodations to Rick sharing meaningful talks and devotionals. I will never ever forget this special and meaningful trip and I thank The Lord for this blessing!!! My hope is that everyone could experience this life changing trip.”  – Rhondi

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“For me, going to Israel brought the Bible to life. Seeing and experiencing where Jesus lived, taught and traveled made it so real! It was like going from the womb to the tomb... meaning that we saw where Jesus was born, baptized and died and rose again... and so much more. It was an amazing and life-changing experience.”  – Scott

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“This trip exceeded all my expectations coming into it. The food was great and our guide was absolutely a well of knowledge. Rick and Patti set up this trip with so many special details added. I would never go on a trip to Israel without these people, because of the wealth of knowledge and the insight they bring.” – Gary

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Trip Testimonies: Special Offers

“The experience was so surreal and informative. The tour guides were very professional and informative. The overnight accommodations were nice and comfortable. The meals were buffet style and we had more than plenty to eat. There was time to do a little shopping for those that are into that sort of thing. Actually being at the places that Jesus was, made the Bible more personal to me. We could not have made all those plans on our own, so it was a blessing to have all that done for us. I would definitely recommend this trip to my friends and would like to thank Patti and Rick very much for all the hard work and the time that they put into this life changing trip.”  – Terry

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“The Holy Land was a wonderful and life-changing trip for me! It was all that you said it would be and more. I loved; loved, loved it and I have experienced so many great moments as I have pondered over the trip since our return. My Bible reading is "in living color" just as you said it would be! I am so appreciative for the work you put into the trip to make it so amazing! So many great things—I enjoyed Rick’s daily devotions; when he would share the scriptures and thoughts my emotions would arise, I felt most touched by the Lord during those times. Our guide was so wonderful, our time reserved in the garden was so special, and I am still using the book you put together for us; I could go and on and on! Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience in the Holy Land!”  – Beth

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"Thank you for all the planning and work that went into this trip; I can’t even imagine the logistics of putting a trip together for 40 people. I thought the guides were great, and the sites were awesome. My favorite parts were the Galilee, and the Dead Sea. I also loved the Baptism; I had never been baptized before so that opportunity was wonderful and I am very thankful for that. There were a lot of cool people with us and I made new friends. Thank you for a such a great experience!"  – Darci

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Trip Testimonies: Special Offers

"Have you ever thought, I’d like to see all those places that the Bible refers to?  Have you ever thought, If I could just be where Jesus walked and taught?  If you said yes, do it!!  This is the most amazing journey you will ever go on.  I knew the journey through the Holy land would impact me but I didn’t realize how much until I experienced it. 


The tour was well planned; the tour guides were excellent and so very knowledgeable. The tour bus was comfortable and not a bit crowded as you would think with 38 people. There is a lot of walking but worth the effort. I am 73 and my comfy shoes made it effortless, plus you will be so wrapped up in what you are seeing and experiencing that you will not even notice the distance you walk in a day. The lodging, in my opinion, was excellent and a wonderful experience. The desert dwellings were my favorite. Oh, and the food!!! You will be amazed at the different ways to serve up eggs, meat and vegetables. You will not go hungry. 

If you decide to go, take a few moments at the end of the day to journal your visits and how you were feeling during each story that unfolded before your eyes.  The Holy Spirit thrives!!"  - Kathy 

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