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Old City


Every day that we are in the Holy Land we will visit as many important biblical and historical sites as possible; this can make our touring days quite long. The Dusty Robe Tour has been designed specifically for adult travelers.

To fully enjoy your experience while in the Holy Land we recommend having a regular exercise routine in place. If you do not, it would be good to start one a few weeks prior to our departure. Just walking 20-30 minutes a day will help you tremendously. (You do not want shin splints while touring the Holy Land!)

People who have hip and/or knee issues may struggle with this moderately paced tour as there will be a great deal of walking every day. One traveler used her Fitbit and it logged her walking 4-5 miles on certain days; not all at once of course, and not every day, but you will be walking a lot! We will be standing for periods of time during the teaching portions at most of the sites and we will be getting on and off the tour bus multiple times a day. The terrain in the Holy Land can be uneven, rocky, or cobbled, and at some sites, the path can be quite steep, or have many stairs to climb up and down. (You can see a picture of a set of stairs at one site in our  gallery section above!)

It would also be a good idea to buy comfortable walking shoes (if you don't already have a pair) a couple of months prior to departure and wear them often to break them in. Another great touring tip that seems to works well is to bring two pairs of comfortable walking shoes and alternate the days you wear them. It will help your tired feet!

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